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More mayors are seeing the work you do as intermediaries – ensuring that employers, trainers, service providers and participants work together to meet individual and collective workforce needs – as critical to their collective goals and long term success. By bringing your experience and expertise administering programs to the WDC, you can provide a real impact on the national policy debate.


This is an exciting time to be in workforce development! In today's economy, workforce development and lifelong learning fuel growth.  Highly educated, trained and skilled workers are the backbone of any workforce, so it’s no surprise that as employees thrive, so do businesses and the overall economy. And the nation's mayors are increasingly seeing this connection and prioritizing workforce development initiatives in their communities – emphasizing their importance to build equitable and inclusive cities.

WDC Leadership


Jaime Cruz

WDC President

Danielle Frazier Headshot.png

Danielle Frazier

WDC Vice President

Executive Director,

Workforce Connections

Las Vegas, NV

Special Assistant for the City Manager for Workforce Development,

City of Charlotte

Charlotte, NC


Patrick Clancy

WDC Second Vice President

President and CEO,

Philadelphia Works

Philadelphia, PA

What People Say

Danielle Frazier Headshot.png

Special Assistant for City Manager for Workforce Development
City of Charlottee

"The connections and professional development opportunities that the Workforce Development Council provides to local workforce leaders are invaluable. Their work to disseminate workforce tools, resources, and best practice information to our mayors have led cities to enact positive changes to improve their workforce’s economic mobility and growth."



Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas

“Some days, workforce is “hard work”;  and leaders need accomplished peers within reach. The Workforce Development Council is the most unique national table for experienced directors to connect, discover best practices, and sample administrative opinions.  I value the professional relationships; and participating in forums with my Mayor.  Our mayors work on big projects, but every mayor knows a prepared workforce builds a healthy city. This organization reinforces that connection. WDC is the most beneficial membership investment we make in Dallas.” 


Executive Director


"The US Conference of Mayors Workforce Development Council is the single best place I've found to learn from urban colleagues about how they're innovating in the workforce space.  The breadth of creativity and resourcefulness they bring to the work truly inspires me each time I attend a session!  The WDC also keeps me totally up-to-speed on developments in DC.  That's a powerful one-two punch!"

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