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National Campaign to Promote Multiple Pathways to Career Success


Background Information:


The WDC is currently partnering with the Ad Council and numerous other organizations on a national campaign to promote awareness among U.S. citizens about the multiple education and training pathways available to them for securing high quality, paying jobs. 

This campaign, developed by the Ad Council in close association with Apple and IBM, is geared towards young adults (ages 16-20) and working adults to inform and excite them about the wide variety of education and training opportunities available to help them attain highly relevant work-ready skills.


The message of the campaign is that traditional routes to career success may not be right for everyone. For example:

  • There are 7.3 million job openings in the U.S. today - and a fundamental skills gap between what employers are looking for and what workers have been prepared to deliver.

  • Furthermore, 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 don't yet exist today.

  • Two-thirds of all new jobs require some post-secondary education, but not necessarily a bachelor's degree.


Fortunately, today there are a vast array of education options available that can lead to interesting, fulfilling and financially secure careers. Examples of non-traditional career pathways include:


  • Apprenticeships

  • Associate degree programs

  • Microcredentials and industry certification programs

  • Early college programs

  • Career and technical education

  • Intensive programs and bootcamps

  • Online learning

  • Competency-based education

Many of the jobs that will exist in the near future do not exist today. Technological changes, globalization, and demographic changes are reshaping the future of American education and careers. 


To help drive awareness among U.S. citizens about the numerous education and training pathways available for securing high quality jobs in a rapidly changing workforce, the national campaign includes:

  • Nationwide placements in donated media across TV, social, digital, print, outdoor, and radio.

  • A call-to-action website that contains interactive tools, personal aptitude and assessment tests, and other resources for students and adults to identify the right paths for their careers and successfully obtain good-paying jobs.

  • Inspiring stories of real people who have found success in in-demand fields through a variety of pathways.


Campaign Videos

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